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Eliane Correa & En El Aire project started as an experimental studio project in London in 2011, bringing together musicians from London’s Cuban and jazz/funk scenes through Correa’s compositions. Receiving great feedback both in London and Havana, the project eventually became an album, in which a pick of cream-of-the-crop musicians on both sides of the Atlantic were recorded over the course of three years of travelling back and forth.

The 31 musicians who took part in the album include trumpet player Graeme Flowers (Kylie Minogue, Moloko, Imelda May), drummers Ernesto Simpson (Richard Bona, Herbie Hancock, Gonzalo Rubalcaba) and Michel Castellanos, saxophonist Roberto Manzin (Laura Mvula, Alejandro Sanz) top Afro-Cuban folklore ensemble Osaín del Monte, rising star of the Cuban Alternative scene Yanaysa Prieto, London-born afrorock vocalist and bassist Binisa Bonner (Rosie Lowe, Ata Kak), and some of Cuba’s top young batá players.

Tipped by Gilles Peterson as one of the freshest new sounds to come out of Havana, the result is a genre-defying melting pot of sounds. The strong presence of Afro-Cuban roots and folk music through batá drumming and rumba rhythms is complemented by the newest grooves of contemporary soul and funk. The varied ingredients of each composition come together to bring a fresh take on what is “Latin” and what is “jazz”.

“[Rumba con Flores is] a brave work that redefines some of the innovations currently happening in Cuban music (…) Correa throws in Van Van-style montunos and deft soul-jazz stylings into an album that surprises, delights and grooves.” – Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise ****

“A beautiful album” – Chris Philips, Jazz FM

JUNE 2016: Point of No Return – vocals by Binisa Bonner, solo by Graeme Flowers.

JUNE 2016: “Me Voy” feat. Manuela Panizzo; solo by Graeme Flowers.

FEBRUARY 2016: Eliane Correa (En El Aire Project) & Yasmeen Quintana: Veneno (MPC version) Live in Buenos Aires

Excerpts from Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project at the London Latin Jazz Festival, September 29th, 2015. Pizza Express Jazz Club, London.

Video by Adeline Royal; Sound by Luc Saint-Martin



Introducing: Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project (2014)

Video by Naked Studios London


Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project feat. Leo “Power” Iglesias: “Silencio” Live at the London Latin Jazz Festival 2014



Musicians (live format):

Eliane Correa (piano, keys, BV, direction)

Binisa Bonner (lead vocals)

Yasmeen Quintana (lead vocals)

Graeme Flowers (trumpet)

Gabriele Pribetti (sax)

Greg Sanders (guitar, minor perc)

Frank Portuondo (bass, synth, tres)

Will Fry (percussion)

Gerardo de Armas (percussion)

Michel Castellanos (drumkit)

+ guest vocalists Manuela Panizzo & Leo “Power” Iglesias



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